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Winning License This! What happens next?

We asked last year’s winner RaNT! He wasn’t best pleased…

“Dear Fourth Wall – it would be great to hear your thoughts and get a general idea of how RaNT! is progressing since winning License This…blah, blah, blah” _PPL5412


On a serious note though (and stepping out of RaNT! character), winning License This 2014 was the affirmation of what we believed all along – that RaNT! as a property had genuine mass market potential.

In a world of sharing, tweeting and blogging, RaNT! taps directly into the spirit of modern life where social media has given everyone a platform to express their views, and it seems the whole world has an opinion about everything and anything! RaNT! has far-reaching commercial potential by tapping into a mindset and market that already exists.

RANT_notebooksThe modern world is full of stuff that gets on your goat on a daily basis, and we all love to RaNT about it – none more so than Asda and Tesco shoppers who seem to have struck a chord with the gobby character and his outbursts!
RaNT! greetings cards continue to sell well in supermarkets and independents throughout the UK with no topic off-limit! Best-sellers include pokes at a variety of subjects from Man Flu (tougher on your body than childbirth), grandads (that actually love receiving socks as a gift), to Rugby (a sport played by people who are crap at football).

If the card sales proved that RaNT! is popular, winning License This proved it could cross-over from cards into a licensable proposition, giving us the platform and opportunity to propel the brand to the next level. Since scooping the award in October 2014, RaNT! has started to gain positive momentum. Carousel Calendars – one of the largest publishers in the calendar sector, and one of the first companies to show interest in the brand – are finalising a deal to bring the character into their product portfolio for next year.

John Lewis love RaNT! and its impudent spirit, and since February, Fourth Wall have been developing a series of new products to bolster both their stationery and lunchware offering with one eye clearly on the RANT-LUNCHWARE_1 (1)student/youth demographic. The outbursts have been tailored to reflect their more discernable clientele, but this exercise has demonstrated the versatility of the brand to adapt to different markets, and soon RaNT! will be populating pencil cases, notebooks, ringbinders and pencil tins in a John Lewis near you!
Lunchware product for John Lewis represents an exciting new format for the brand, with the canvas of snack pots, lunch boxes and lunch bags offering a different platform for new musings and verbal outbursts. Exploring how RaNT! interacts with every new product application has been an enjoyable process. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the product itself – with other applications, the end use or the environment provides the inspiration. For example, the lunch box was branded; “My L*nch Box – please note, there’s no ‘U’. In other words, it’s just for me fatso!”

What’sRANT_pencil-tin next? Well, in the development pipeline are a kindle book putting a world of annoying observations at your fingertips and a RaNT! microsite with other interesting products being explored including babywear (of all things!) We’re looking forward to bringing RaNT man to BLE 2015 in October and demonstrating the character’s exciting potential for licensing.
Just don’t expect him to be on his best behaviour!

By Adam Bestwick, creator and owner of RaNT! at Fourth Wall Creative. For more information visit

License This! opens for entries later this month.

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