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Our top 10 brand tie-ins of 2015 (so far!)

By the BLE team
Halfway through the year, and five months out from BLE, it has already been a busy time in the licensing industry calendar with some interesting partnerships formed and innovative deals signed. From 70s magazine revivals to busking street cats, here are our top 10 brand tie-ins so far:  

ASOS x Jackie Playsuit in Fan Print
Image courtesy of DC Thomson

1. DC Thomson & ASOS for Jackie apparel. For those of us “young” enough to remember the 70s, the name Jackie will resonate fondly. The magazine may have closed 20 years ago, but DC Thomson has announced a full licensing programme for the “teen bible.” Its most recent collaboration is with ASOS Reclaimed to offer a limited edition clothing line based on the iconic publication. That’s not all, keep your eyes peeled for Jackie the Musical later this year!

2. Disney Consumer Products & Her Universe for an Avengers-inspired clothes. Available from Hot Topic stores and online this month, the range offers fans the choice of dresses and jackets in the style of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Loki. Now that’s what we call power dressing.

3. Unit 10 Eventive and Magic Light Pictures for the world’s first Gruffalo Experience. Taking place at Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre, the event offers children the opportunity to interact with characters and enjoy interactive storytelling. We look forward to seeing more events pop up,  hopefully coming to a town near us in the near future.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon

4. TPA and Bob the Street Cat. Spurred on from the success of the heart-warming book by busker James Bowen on the cat that changed his life, the range will include giftware, houseware, t-shirts, calendars, plush, mobile phone accessories and posters.

5. Walker Books and Alice in Wonderland. As part of the brand’s licensing programme, Walker Books has teamed up with an interior designer to produce a range of furniture featuring illustrator Helen Oxenbury’s cast of characters, including Alice herself.

6. Disney Stores & Global Star Wars Day. Featuring a Jedi Master Yoda, the chance to learn Jedi skills, and become an expert with a light saber, we have one question: where do we sign up?

7. Brands with Influence Worldwide & Enid Blyton Estate.
We were very excited to witness the launch of the licensing programme at BLE last year, and since then the most famous brands have generated high levels of interest. The latest deal is a range of premium branded stationery books with Frances Lincoln. Nostalgia at its best!

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

8Burton’s Biscuit Company & Finsbury Foods for Jammie Dodgers Cakes. Need we say more? A giant jammy dodger, but in cake form. What’s not to like?

9Unilever & Marmite Easter Eggs. The egg that divided opinion, did you love it or hate it? The jury’s still out at BLE Towers.

10Nurture Rights & Dinosaur Roar. We love the innovative approach Nurture Rights has taken with the property, including a project with the Natural History Museum, magazine and book deals, a touring stage production, dinosaur exhibition and an IMAX experience all in the pipeline.

We would love to hear your thoughts, which deals have impressed you this year or which collaborations would you like to see?



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