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Developing Battersea!

composite image for licensingLucy McCredie, Licensing Consultant at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, talks cats, dogs and growing the licensing programme of a national treasure.  

You could be forgiven for thinking that the title of this blog refers to the myriad of cranes lining the route from Queenstown Road to Vauxhall here in London, but this is a tale of tails, collars, and paws, barking and purring all the way to BLE!

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is a very special and magical place – it is where the lives and fortunes of countless dogs and cats are changed as every year a never-ending stream of lost, abandoned and unloved dogs and cats comes through its doors. Battersea’s job is to care for them until we can either reunite them with a frantic owner or find them new homes. Battersea’s expertise and knowledge of all things dogs and cats is second to none and it is an amazing place to work!

Running the Home’s three centres costs millions of pounds every year and as Battersea doesn’t receive a penny of Government funding this is where brand licensing comes in. It is an important source of income as the royalties that we receive from the sale of Battersea-branded products go towards the work of the Home.

Battersea is a national treasure and a powerful and universally known brand. When I took on the licensing mantle for the Home almost four years ago, I didn’t really know which way the licensing programme was going to go. I knew it had tremendous potential but I had under-estimated the immense power of the brand and the amazing dog and cat artwork portfolio it has at its disposal. In the four years we have been running the programme it has almost doubled year on year and we have been able to work with some of the most outstanding partners in the business. We are now looking to expand our horizons even further and translate this much loved brand into a must-have brand at retail and at all levels.

Our aim is not to position our licensed products as “charity” merchandise but rather as a licensed brand with an extra bonus – that of giving back to a good cause. Who can say no when that royalty % can be doing so much good! We know we have massive appeal across the country – the success of the ITV programme “Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs” being just one example of this and both our recent books with Penguin soared into the Sunday Times bestseller lists.

Our strategy is contemporary and commercial and we believe a successful deal must be win/win/win for us, retailers, and of course the customers who are given an opportunity to show their love for dogs and cats by buying our products and supporting our dogs and cats. Exhibiting at Brand Licensing Europe is one of the highlights of our year so we are beginning to make our plans for this year’s show and we are delighted that ex-Battersea dog Squirt is to be the show’s official mascot again this year.

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