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9 steps to a brilliant BLE comms campaign by Chupa Chups

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Each year Chupa Chups runs one of the most eye-catching and effective campaigns in the run up to BLE. It looks simple, achieves its objectives and makes people smile. Here, in this step by step guide intended to help other exhibitors with their own campaigns, is how they do it.

1. Decide on a single creative idea or message to hang your PR campaign on. Every year we brainstorm for one good idea that tells a story. Last year’s was the Perfetti Van Melle Candy house (4 brands: Mentos, Chupa Chups, Airheads and Frisk); 2013 was Chupa Chups POP Laboratory of Scent; and 2012 Chupa Chups retro Candy Shop. All comms and booth images will revolve around this story and it helps us to achieve a ‘wow’ effect. The story must always match your licensing strategy and be in the spirit of the brand.
2. Establish what content and news you can release at BLE. Once we have the creative idea, we create news and content. We plan to create content each year – for example it may be a new style guide; a new scent; announce new partners. We save the most important news to reveal at the show.
3. Talk to the BLE team they have a PR Manager working on your behalf who can make sure your company news is featured in all of the show previews.
4. Remember to send in your entry for the BLE website in spring. Don’t miss out on showcasing your company amongst your competitors for all potential visitors to see.
5. In September send a teaser press release to all your contacts, using your story and creative idea. Keep it very short and simple for impact.
6. Invite your contacts with a personalised email. Use the imagery and keep everything on message and on brand.
7. Book adverts in the show issues of the licensing press, including your booth number and invitation to meet you there at the bottom of the advert.
8. At BLE announce your news and content in detail in a press release; think of an event or ‘hook’ which might bring press and photographers to your stand (we present an award to the best licensee and agent and last year we invited attendees to eat our stand the last day of the fair). Make a simple and attractive press kit; ours contains a USB with images that have been used in the campaign so far, logos, the brand deck and the press release. Plus, it contains a sweet present: a licensed item that links to the creative idea. And, of course, some lollipops.
9. After BLE send a thank you email to new and existing contacts highlighting special moments and inviting visitors to see you again the next year. Start thinking about the creative idea for next year whilst this year is fresh in your mind.
Chupa Chups®, the most famous lollipop brand, founded in 1958, belongs to the Italian group Perfetti Van Melle. The group is one of the world’s biggest players in the confectionery sector. The huge awareness of the brand and its strong personality has driven the company to increase its product portfolio with prestigious partners of many sectors, managed by an international Licensing Department. In doing so, Chupa Chups® has become a fun and colourful lifestyle brand.

For further information, please visit: or contact Christine Cool, Senior Brand Manager at Chupa Chups® Licensing Division:

With huge thanks to Anna Amat and the rest of the Chupa Chups team in Barcelona.


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