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Roy’s back!

9781780312873_CoverRoy of the Rovers has an enduring appeal to a generation of men who admire his silky skills, distinctive hairstyle and a left foot that that was lethal – unleashing the ‘rocket’ that left Melchester Rover’s opposition defenses in tatters.

Now, over 60 years on, he is embarking on a new career in licensing with Pink Key Consulting on the bench. Available for license are some of the many creative pieces of art including images and front covers that been associated with this legendary striker over many years. We caught up with Richard Pink to find out more…

Where did Roy originate? 9781780312880_Cover
Roy first appeared in ‘Tiger’ in 1954, but then had in his own weekly comic from 1976 until 1993.

The phrase “real ‘Roy of the Rovers’ stuff” is still a byword for great achievement (normally against the odds) in the footballing world, and the man himself has been through a myriad of triumph on the pitch and tragedy off it. He may have won every footballing honour going, but he has also been kidnapped five times and his career was finally ended in truly dramatic style in a helicopter crash where he lost his legendary left foot.

What happened next?
Roy’s appearances since his dramatic resignation as manager of Melchester live on Sky in 1992 have been scarce.  However, with a belief that his fans still see him as an inspirational role model he has come back on the pitch to launch himself into the licensing world. Roy, who’s rights holder is Egmont, has charged us with finding him licensees who are able to create products using archive images of the great man that will appeal to his core fan base and any other aspiring footy fan who still believes that there is still a place for heroes in the beautiful game.



What are your aims for the licensing programme?
We believe that consumers still know Roy and what he stands for ,and will appreciate his face and images from his heyday on a range of gifting (particularly for Father’s Day), sporting and apparel items; all we need are licensees who share our vision.




We have a vast range of available hi-res art that can be adapted to create vintage and timeless product, and are very keen to talk to anyone interested in getting into position, with Roy back up front to create a match winning programme.

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