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10 ways to get the most from BLE 2015


With over 300 exhibitors, and more than 2,500 properties on display, a visit to BLE can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you meet first? How do you maximise your time? How do you fit in those free educational sessions, and most importantly, what do you do about lunch?!

Event Director Darren Brechin offers 10 tips:

  1. Use our show planner – sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked in the pre-show chaos. This online tool helps JOB1992W2207you find exhibitors, sort them by location, and then add personal appointments to make the most of your visit. Hey presto, you’ve planned your day!
  2. Follow us on Twitter @bleurope – we tweet throughout the show and can remind you of educational sessions starting imminently or interesting things happening around the event you may have missed.
  3. If you’ve got a new property, attend the final of License This! and hear a panel of experts give their guidance to our finalists. It’s a great way to hear from industry veterans and gather ideas.
  4. Pick up a Show Daily when you arrive, these contain full listings of the educational sessions running throughout the day but also highlight exhibitors and some of the industry news breaking at the show.
  5. Arrive at educational sessions 10 minutes early – each session is seated on a first come, first served basis, so for the keynotes in particular, it’s always good to get there early as these are often standing room only.
  6. If you’re new to licensing, or haven’t been to the show before, attend LIMA’s Licensing Explained sessions at 9.30am on each day in the Licensing Academy. This is designed specifically for those who are not sure where to Licensing Academybegin and is the perfect way to start a day at BLE.
  7. Subscribe to this blog – we will include all show updates and roundups of each day during the show.
  8. Join our LinkedIn group – it’s a great way to network before, during and after the event. Many visitors and exhibitors use it to set up meetings at the show. Simple, easy and free!
  9. Attend the LIMA BLE Garden Party on the second evening of the show – held in one of London’s most exclusive settings, Kensington Roof Top Gardens, it’s going to be a great networking opportunity in and a chance to chat informally away from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall while enjoying a few drinks and some fantastic live music.
  10. Last, but not least, the issue of eating! This is a common problem with many visitors and exhibitors fuelled JOB1992W1792purely by sweets alone for three days. There are eateries around the edges of the main hall, and upstairs on the gallery level there’s the Art & Design Gallery Café, in the Brands zone you will find the Brands & Lifestyle Bar (sponsored by Cosmopolitan) and the Brands & Lifestyle Cafe not to mention the new MTV Bar located at the rear of the Character & Entertainment zone on the ground level (sponsored by none other than MTV).

We hope you enjoy the show. For any seasoned visitors, we would love to hear and share your BLE survival tips, please do post them below.

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