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Day 2 roundup – in pictures


A summary of day two (Wednesday 15th October) at BLE from your tweets to @bleurope and #BLE2015. 

IMG-20151013-WA0000 CRQ8Z-gWUAAQjlP

CRQ1HxCWwAEcr-5CROK7QeW8AED2Bm CRNUuFwWoAAhRIRIMG-20151013-WA0004 FullSizeRender (9) CRRXjzUWsAAxgFJCRRR2IMWUAAKQ-L CRRqnzKW8AEUG35 CRRPZtTWIAAqQfSCRRpqmUWIAAzLt8 CRRnCKKWcAAa4mL CRRE8jJWgAAbJElCRNINHQWsAEJnfu 11224513_1137558012939568_2054567018843972918_n CRRDV_XWcAArgC6CRRE8jFWIAAARoQ@toyworldmag @zodiakrightsCRRi6JiWcAARynVCRR6kisWEAAUlnTCRR9YfQWEAAFzniCRRq-58WsAESYdwCRSItrwWEAA7ipzCRSLn4OWEAU-9rpCRR_efcUYAQB16zIMG_20151013_161809229IMG-20151013-WA0007IMG_20151013_162135298CRSb-37WgAAlRyd

There is still one more day to go, don’t miss out – doors open at 9.00am.

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