The BLE Blog

Day 3 round up – in pictures


A pictorial round up of the final day of BLE 2015 from your tweets and Facebook posts. 

CRTrsiUWsAAlZnsCRNFH-bWwAAi05u CRV_KynWsAE-d-i CRWLVlPWEAE7_8YCRWcppSWwAA5rCuCRWfsl3WwAA3UNPCRWgo9fWUAAiAeTCRXBIhqWgAA90X3FullSizeRender (11)CRXJXghVAAA6drhCRXKYWVUYAESC87CRXS0vHUsAIF-Q5BAT 1Natu NatuOiDroids main group and packsSmartParty_VictoriaSpunge_TitleWussywat and friendsLT winner & judges_AB15813CRXUsunUwAAO_t7CRW0JvmWsAAFtjXCRW4OjgUwAAnmNsCRW7sRTWoAA0vUBCRWt9HaWUAAsYBYCRWuCGWWwAARdTcPrint


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