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Spotlight on: OiDroids – after winning License This! what happens next?

LT winner & judgesCrowned License This! winner 2016, OiDroids have an exciting year ahead. Creator Jonathan Klemenz explains why…

What are OiDroids?
They are a range of collectable pop out and build robot characters. I developed them after my children started collecting trading cards and stickers. Using my background as a graphic designer I started to wonder whether it was possible to build on the collectables theme, but with something that offered more fun and play value.

Do you currently have any deals in place? OiDroids 15 Pack - main
We supply to a number of independent toy stores as well as WH Smith. They are also available through Amazon in Europe and the US.

How did you find the License This! competition process?
Really straightforward.

Was it useful to meet with the judging panel on the day?
To be honest I was so surprised to have won I probably didn’t make very good use of the opportunity to meet the judges. I was glad that I had a couple of colleagues there that did take advantage of the opportunity chat to them.

Tell us what’s happened since BLE
Since appearing at BLE we’ve enjoyed great sales over the Christmas period and released our new set of characters – the Nuts ’n’ Bolts Crew – which are currently on sale online and we’re hoping to release into retail shortly.

After appearing at the show we’ve had strong interest from a couple of publishers and are continuing discussions with a number of exciting potential partner brands.

What are your plans for 2016?
We’re looking to develop the OiDroids product range OiDroids-licensing-visualsthis year with new sets of characters and continue to develop the OiDroids story along with these releases. We’re also looking forward to having our own stand at this year’s show.

For more information please visit

License This! 2016 opens for entries in April.

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